The AI opponent does not follow the same rules as the human player. It also has a few "quirks". Examples of these will be listed below.

AI "cheating" and advantagesEdit

  1. The AI always knows where your units are.
  2. It also knows their field of fire (notice how enemy units often stay just one square outside your range).
  3. In the Single Player Campaign, AI forces will always be proportional to your own, down to a minimum of around 400 and up to a maximum of 2500-3500 points. This also depends on the difficulty level.
  4. The AI does not need to purchase company commanders, and will thus effectively always have more points than a Human player. E.g. try setting a battle to 500 points, and watch as the AI deploys 470 points of troops.
  5. The AI can sometimes buy units of an inappropriate nationality (e.g. Land Speeders with Imperial Guard).
  6. If the morale of both you and your AI opponent drop to 0 in the same turn, the AI will win the battle (needs verification).
  7. In the Campaign, if you attack a province and lose, the Orks' losses will be fully recovered for the next battle.
  8. The AI can buy Knight Paladin units even if you haven't enabled the appropriate cheat.

AI StupidityEdit

  1. The AI never uses Rhinos, Battlewagons etc. to actually transport troops.
  2. Infantry under AI control will often dig in when there is no advantage in doing so (e.g. Goff Boyz - armed only with pistols - digging in in plain sight of your Imperial Guard Heavies).
  3. Vehicles under AI control will sometimes turn their side or rear armour towards you for no real reason, allowing you an easy kill.
  4. Without Patch 1.01 the AI will never spend more than around 3000-3500 points.
  5. The AI will buy Bubble Chuckas despite the fact that they're bugged, and use them as overpriced and underpowered assault units.
  6. The AI is poor at using Land Speeders and Thunderhawks - it doesn't use cover effectively, so these units tend to get shot down quickly.