This is a list of known bugs and design oversights still present in version 1.01 (also see Patch 1.01):

  1. The Bubble Chukka's weapon doesn't work - i.e. it never hits, even if you use the relevant Cheat Codes.
  2. The Battlewagon is available to the Bad Moon clan only, but should be available to any clan. This applies only to the human player (see AI behaviour).
  3. Some other Ork units should be available to any clan, but are limited to only one. Examples include: Pulsa Rokkit, Slasher Gargant, Bonebreaka, Bonecruncha.
  4. You can't play Imperium vs. Imperium or Orks vs. Orks.
  5. Knights and Stompers are said to have shields in the game encyclopedia, but don't have any in-game.
  6. Bonebreakas and Bonecrunchas will sometimes remain as a "blip" on the minimap even if they're destroyed.
  7. Close Assault involving 3 or 4-player games is messed up. Units belonging to Players 3 and 4 cannot be assaulted. Computer-controlled units will nonetheless move up to such units and try to assault, but end up moving back and forth in front of the target unit. Note that units belonging to Players 3 and 4 can assault units belonging to Players 1 and 2.