Agrippa is a Captain of the Ultramarines chapter of Space Marines. He is played by Dave Perks.



Agrippa is first seen alongside fellow Space Marines of the Second Company on what is likely a Strike Cruiser of the Ultramarines chapter. Despite being relatively young (for a Space Marine,) he is in command of the Ultramarine elements that are attempting to secure a landing zone for the Imperial forces on Volistad

The detachment he brings to battle consists of three Whirlwinds, three Predators, one Thunderhawk and five squads of Space Marines, similar to what the player controlled in the tutorial. With these, the player is expected to win the day against the Orks. Should this be achieved, Agrippa converses briefly with Commissar Holt, gathers his troops and departs Volistad to 'aid our brothers in their quests,' alluding to either a potential crusade that he has been tasked to join, or simply returning to Macragge to await further orders.

An able and humble warrior, Agrippa is quick to give the Emperor credit for his victory when Holt praises him. He dispels any notion of the Ultramarines remaining on Volistad in the short-term and recognises Holt's aptitude for command when the Commissar reveals he already has a strategy for liberating the rest of the planet. He is last seen departing Volistad by Thunderhawk.