The expansion to Final Liberation was meant to feature Ultramarines and add Chaos as a race, pitting the two against one another in the campaign. Unfortunately this never got past the development stage and, along with the Eldar and Tyranids, was never realised. While Final Liberation took three years to make, an expansion could have quickly followed but the demand for one was not enough for the developers to follow through.


Holistic Design did release modding tools for Final Liberation, and a group of players attempted to make a mod based on Chaos units from the game. They eventually lost interest and the mod never made it past the Alpha stage. A campaign editor was also released to the developers of the Chaos mod. This in turn failed to make it to Beta.

Developer's Note

Found in Final Liberation Manual Supplement

We hope you enjoy Warhammer Epic 40,000: Final Liberation. We have spent over three years putting this game together, changing the initial version of the game from a real-time "me-too" product into that which you have today. Between the Orkie music, the similarity to the Games Workshop rulesets, and the outstanding AI, we know you'll have a good time.

Final Liberation marks a new generation of Games Workshop-licensed titles on the computer, and we are proud to be setting the mark. As rich as any other in science fiction, the Warhammer 40k universe offers an endless gamescape in which to create almost any type of game. Keep an eye out for upcoming titles from SSI, including the first Final Liberation expansion disc (Ultramarines v. Chaos,) Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate (Warhammer 40K squad-based game,) and a host of other games which are on the drawing board.

Though I will say this - the biggest problem with having been involved with Final Liberation is that I have had no time to paint my figures for the tabletop game(s)! Ah, well. Whether lead, pewter or electronic, da Orks still goez fastuh.

I'm off to play Final Liberation, paint my figures for GorkaMorka and sit down to design the next epic computer battle. Enjoy yourselves.

John Eberhardt
Strategic Simulations, Inc.