The Knight Paladin is an Imperial walker unlocked by a cheat at the detachment screen. It is roughly equivalent to an Ork Stompa and has a similar weapon loadout, but sacrifices armour for speed.

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There are three Knight Paladins in a unit.

Unit Card

These one-man fighting machines don’t have the power of a full Titan, but Imperial Guard troops are more than happy to see one on the battlefield. The Paladins usually attack with Battlecannon, Bolters and Chainsword, and defend themselves with a small but potent directional power field generator. When they charge they lower their fearsome shock lances to tear their way through the enemy.

Unit Image


Unit Stats

Adeptus Mechanicus Directory Prime
Index: Battle Titan    
Classification: Knight
Inception: Pre-History 
Offensive Capability: Typically armed with a Battlecannon and Chainsword
Options: Heavy Bolters, (other Knight variants can be fitted with combinations of the following: Power Lance, Thermal Cannon, Quake Cannon, and Auto Cannon.) 
Defensive Capability: Heavy Armor Plate
Powerplant: Micro-Plasma coiled reactor
Functionality: Single operator, high speed close assault weapon

Move - 16
Close Assault - 4
Cost - 330 points (110 individual)
Armour - 75/62/50
4 Hitpoints


  • Good movement range
  • 3 in one unit
  • Reasonable Battlecannon accuracy
  • 4 hitpoints


  • Poor Bolter accuracy
  • Lacks shields
  • Poor close combat resolution
  • Can be destroyed by single penetrating hit


AA - Anti-armour
AI - Anti-infantry

1 Battlecannon (fires two shots per turn if stationary) (AA)

1 Bolters (Tank) (fires two shots per turn if stationary) (AI)

Battle Tactics & Viability

  • Knight Paladins are best used in cities and hives where the narrow city streets would restrict the movement of larger Titans such as Warlords
  • Their reasonable points cost means that five can be chosen in place of one Warlord, quickly capturing objectives and navigating small corridors
  • Try to keep them out of close combat as their resolution is poor
  • They can take the same amount of punishment as a Super-Heavy owing to the fact they have 4 hitpoints


  • Knight Paladins can only be used if a cheat is activated at the detachment screen.
  • They can be used in the campaign in the same way.
  • Though the unit card alludes to other variants, the only one in game is the Knight Paladin.
  • The unit card lists it as a Titan, but it is classed as a 'walker.'