The Space Marine Land Raider is a heavy tank that is introduced to Final Liberation in patch 1.01. It has the standard weapons loadout of two twin-linked Lascannons on each sponson and a hull-mounted twin-linked Heavy Bolter, making it ideal for disposing of enemy armour. It can also seize objectives by deploying two squads of infantry.

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There are three Land Raiders in a unit.

Unit Card

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Unit Stats

Departmento Munitorium Directory Index: Battle Tank
Classification: Land Raider
Offensive Capability: Two sponson-mounted double Lascannons, tank Bolters 
Defensive Capability: Heavy armor plate
Powerplant: Petro-chemical
Functionality: High speed battlefield assault and troop transport vehicle, providing anti-personnel and anti-armour firepower.

Move - 16
Close Assault - 3
Cost - 420 points (140 individual)
Armour - 70/57/45
Transports - 2 squads


  • Good movement range
  • Superior anti-armour firepower 
  • Can deploy infantry to capture objectives and seize ground
  • Reasonable accuracy


  • Vulnerable to heavy weapons
  • Only has 1 hitpoint
  • Poor close combat resolution


AA - Anti-armour
AI - Anti-infantry

4 Lascannons (fires two shots per turn if stationary, but these are twin-linked so projectiles travel as four shots) (AA)

Heavy Bolters (Tank) (fires two shots per turn if stationary) (AI)

Battle Tactics & Viability

  • A useful option that can transport infantry to take objectives quickly - best deployed in cities and hives where their flexibility can negate the often narrow streets
  • It is best to keep all of the Land Raiders in a unit together so they can combine their firepower to bring down heavy targets or transport infantry en masse to seize important positions from the enemy
  • Move them cautiously - one penetrating hit can destroy a Land Raider and kill those inside
  • A more flexible choice than Predators and Super-Heavies, but more expensive than the former and no-where near as formidable as the latter
  • They are seen by some commanders as high-risk - for this reason they are often overlooked in favour of a combination of Predators for firepower and Chimeras to transport units. When used effectively, however, they can win battles entirely on their own


  • The Land Raider was only introduced in patch 1.01. It is unclear why the developers only included this one unit in the patch.
  • As one of the most recently added units, it resembles the latest Land Raider (at the time) from Epic 40,000 that was released in 1997, rather than the one from Space Marine. Naturally, this has now been replaced by a newer model in the tabletop game's latest incarnation Epic Armageddon - which Games Workshop are trying to phase out completely.