The tutorial is a small skirmish between Space Marine and Ork forces that introduces the player to Final Liberation. It is unusual in that it grants the player full control and offers no hints or tips during gameplay.


The player takes command of Space Marine forces of the Ultramarines. At their command is a detachment of three Predators, three Whirlwinds and five squads of Space Marines. The Orks arrayed against them include a mere five squads of Evil Sunz and three Battlewagons. As such, it is nigh on impossible for the player to lose the tutorial.


  • Deploy your three Whirlwinds on the hills to the West of the settlement. Use them to destroy the buildings the Orks are hiding in (they won't show up but target the buildings anyway.) After flushing the Orks out, continue to bombard their positions and only go after the Battlewagons if all ground troops are destroyed.
  • Deploy the Predators side-by-side on the road to the West of the settlement. From here they can target some of the Orks cowering in the buildings before driving into the town centre to claim the objective there. When the Battlewagons show up, use the Predators to annihilate them but be careful not to get them too close as their assault resolution is poor.
  • Entrench the Space Marine squads just below the Whirlwinds but further forward. They should be able to target some of the Orks but you can win the game without them. Move them forward if they have nothing to shoot at.
  • You can claim the second objective with the Predators, but there is no real need to.
  • If the worst happens and you lose the Predators to Battlewagon fire, use the Whirlwinds to destroy them while moving your infantry forward onto the first objective.
  • Claiming the first objective is crucial to your success in this mission.


  • Barring a Thunderhawk, the player's forces are identical to those he/she commands in the first battle of the campaign.