There have been two versions of Final Liberation released. The first is a blue disc of the original game released in 1997, while the second was bundled with Chaos Gate by Hasbro Games in 1998 and contained a red disc. These can still be found and purchased on eBay, while the game has been uploaded to several abandonware websites for free download.

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  • Final Liberation will run on any Windows 95/98 computer.

    Final Liberation was even advertised in White Dwarf 217

  • Windows 7 and Windows 8 will not run Final Liberation unless the OS used is 32 bit.
  • Windows XP and Windows Vista run the game fine, but compatibility mode for Windows 95 must be enabled in some instances. You may also have to select 'run as administrator,' and check every box in the settings to avoid crashes.
  • DOSBox (emulator) can be used to help run the game.
  • It will not run on Mac, nor any 64-bit operating system.
  • You can install a secondary OS (such as Ubuntu) onto a newer machine and run the game that way.


If you are using a more up to date computer then you may well be having problems getting the game to load. This is because of the music, cutscenes and intro movie. It doesn't like the .smk files.

If this problem is not present it is because your download came with the fix included.

The solution is to go into the Final Liberation game folder and create a file called 'epic.ini.' The game would normally create this after its first run but since it won't load it can't. All you need to do is open notepad and create epic.ini yourself. 

Copy and paste the following into notepad and save it as epic.ini. Just make sure it doesn't save as epic.ini.txt.



The game will still crash on occasion, which is why it is recommended to save after every turn and every move on the campaign map. This can be random, or if the computer is using Marauder Bombers (as the Imperium,) or Fighta-Bommerz (as Orks.) The game will also crash if you return to desktop at any time during gameplay by pressing the Windows key or ALT-TAB, but won't crash if you do this at the main menu.

Patch 1.01 was released to address some of the bugs and crashes encountered by users as well as add additional features. It also contains epic.ini and can be downloaded here.


  • Depending on the computer, the Print Screen function may produce a smaller than intended screenshot when copied into MS Paint.