The Vindicator is a dedicated anti-tank/fortifications tank. The entire vehicle is built around a single powerful cannon, the Thunderer.


Unit Card Edit

Anti-fortification, anti-armor and battle field assault functions.

Unit Image Edit


Unit Stats Edit

Departmento Munitorium Directory Prime
Index:  Specialist armored vehicle  
  Classification:  Vindicator (Rhino  variant)
Offensive Capability:  Thunderer cannon
Defensive Capability:  Heavy plate armor
Powerplant:  Petro-chemical
Functionality:  Anti-fortification, anti-armor and battle field assault functions.

Move - 16
Close Assault - 2
Cost - X (55 Individually)
Armor - 76/58/40

Strengths Edit

  • Has one of the most powerful, non titan class, weapons equipped.
  • Individual tanks are cheap in comparison to a more traditional battle tank.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Only mounts a single weapon. The weapon itself is only effective on armored targets.

Weaponry Edit


  • Range - 20
  • ROF - 1
  • Penetration - 90
  • Accuracy - 40%

ROF = Rate Of Fire. Max amount of infantry killable per attack.

Battle Tactics & Strategy Edit

  • The main cannon can prove useful on infantry inside buildings and heavily armored targets due to its high penetration.